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Custom Sized Rugs.

Whether it's a single piece for your home, or a number of rugs for a project, our premium bespoke service gives you full control over all aspects of your rug or runner from the design, production technique and materials used. Choose from our crucial trading range or bring in your own material. 

We also carry stock of Oriental Weavers Rugs.


Carpet Binding Service

The specialists for carpet binding will handle all your binding work for you.

Outfitters of aircraft, yachts, mobile homes, cars and trucks rely on the Speedbinder. Shapes and cuttings necessitated by technical design, also with sharp inner edges, can be bound easily. Ultimate demands in terms of material quality are also satisfied. Water-resistant and flame-retardant carpet binding tapes are also found in the product range.

Carpet edgings with tape

As suppliers, we naturally hold the full range of binding material in stock. 


edged carpet in motor home 


All carpets can be framed with bindings. Advantages of preparing with bindings are obvious at interior and exterior corners, rounded edges and in their functionality. Bindings can be fabricated to be water-repellant, flame-retardant, as well as UV-, weather- and abrasion-resistant.
This is why bindings are popularly used by interior designers for buildings, caravans, yachts, boats, bath mats, cars or aircraft. 


edged pieces of carpet in different forms


Advantages of Edging with Bindings at a Glance:



Fan chart with original carpet binding tapes