Made in the UK.


Chiltern is a stain-resistant, mothproof, 2-ply twist carpet, manufactured with bleach cleanable carefree fibre (Polyproperlyene).

Meaning even those toughest stains will come out with ease, with no colour loss!

Just don't scrub a stain, dab it out to avoid tearing the yarns.


Tenth Gauge (is how far apart the yarns are in the carpet across the width, 10 stitches per inch mean there are 100 stitches in one square inch). Meaning a denser carpet for increased wear.


Rated heavy domestic with a 7-year residential warranty, making this an excellent choice for any room throughout the home.

Chiltern - Oca 550

  • Width- 4m

    Thickness- 9.5mm

    Tog Value- 1.29

    Suitability- Heavy Domestic, Light Commerical

    Material- Polypropylene

    Backing- Action back