Boutique Herringbone collection features a convenient new way to install beautiful herringbone patterns (see the installation manual and a cutting template on the inside of every box). The collection comes with enhanced bevel on all 4 sides,an embossed in register synchronized surface and a durable 0.55 mm wear layer.

Chene Boutique Herringbone - EW2557

  • Width- 123mm, Length- 615mm

    Thickness- 5mm, Wear layer 0.5mm

    Backing- Hypoallergenic Cork (60db sound reduction)

    Enhanced Bevel on 4 Sides

    Embossed In Register (Real texture)

    Residential Warranty- Lifetime

    Commercial Warranty- 15 Years

    SE+ Antibacterial Surface

    Pet Stain Warranty

    Installation- Floating / Glueless

    Locking System- Tight Lock / Tap Down

    100% Waterproof