Quick Step Livyn LVT

Vinyl flooring & luxury vinyl tiles

Brighten up your home with Quick-Step vinyl flooring’s natural looks and characteristic warmth. Choose from a wide range of vinyl floors, suitable for all needs and circumstances. All are equipped with a protective top layer that ensures your floor will keep its good looks for years to come.

Vinyl flooring is ideal for renovation

Beauty made to last

All Quick-Step vinyl floors have a protective top layer that makes them water-, scratch- and stain-resistant. This ensures that your floor will always look as perfect as it was when you first installed it.

World-class stain resistance

The sealed top layer of your Quick-Step vinyl floor features our revolutionary Stain Guard technology. The best stain resistance technology of its kind, it keeps your floor spotless and gives dirt and even scuff marks no chance.
Scratch-resistant vinyl floors

Exceptional scratch resistance

Quick-Step’s rigid and luxury vinyl planks also feature Scratch Guard: this innovative technology protects your new floor against scratches better than any similar product on the market today.

Vinyl flooring is a pleasure to walk on

100% water-resistant

Water-repellent technology combined with the patented Uniclic click system prevent water from damaging your floor. This makes luxury vinyl floors not only easy to clean, but also a suitable flooring choice for every room in the house: from your living room to your bathroom or kitchen.


Pleasure to walk on

Treading on a Quick-Step vinyl floor is a pleasant experience in every way: their natural designs catch the eye, they feel soft and warm, and their acoustic performance gets rid of any unwanted noise from heels, boots, trainers or paws.

Soft & warm

Our Livyn vinyl flooring has pleasant written all over it: warm feet from the moment you wake up, and a soft touch when you kick off those work shoes in the evening.

Natural look & feel

Our luxury vinyl floors and tiles offer a wide range of natural-looking authentic designs, topped off with a gorgeous extra-matte finish and matching bevels and structures. Whether you choose ‘real wood’ or ‘stone’, your new floor will take centre stage in your home.


Tapping high heels, stomping sneakers, scraping chairs, etc. None of us are strangers to distracting sounds. Luxury vinyl flooring reduces noise with its sound-absorbing layers.


Ideal for renovations

Renovating? Quick-Step vinyl flooring is very thin and easy to install (thanks to our patented Uniclic Multifit click system). And with the addition of Rigid vinyl, there’s now a vinyl solution for any type of subfloor (levelled, irregular, or very irregular).