Greek Flat Weave

Greek Flat Weave

Greek Key Flatweave

Inspired by the traditional sisal rug, the flatweave collection is durable, fashionable and affordable. With an anti-slip gel back, 100% polypropylene yarn and a pastel colour palette, they are practical and stylish.

Available Sizes: 80 x150, 120 x 160, 60 x 230 (Runner), 160 x 225

Fibre: 100% polypropylene

Greek Key Flatweave Red

Greek Key Flatweave Natural

Greek Key Flatweave Grey

Greek Key Flatweave Beige

Greek Key Flatweave Black

Checked Flatweave rugs are machine woven using a stain resistant polypropylene yarn to create a 5mm thick flat woven finish. All sides are machine stitched with matching yarn and ends are folded to ensure a neat and durable finish.

Available sizes: 110 x 60, 150 X 80, 160 x 120, 225 x 160, 180 x 60, 230 x 60
Fibre: polypropylene