Berry Alloc Laminate

Berry Alloc Exquisite

A collection of 20 decors : extra thick and an elegant bevel all around the plank. And of course combining beautiful aesthetics and exceptional technical performance. Outstanding resistance to wear and stains.


  • Extra thick planks
  • Fitted with Best Loc® for ease of installation
  • Features : MatLook®, WoodStructure®+




Best Loc

 Best Loc®: For fast installation.

Thanks to the revolutionary and patented Best Loc® system you do not need to be an expert to install your own laminate floor! When you install your floor you do not need adhesive, a hammer or tapping block. Yet it stays firmly in place.

4 Bevels

 Bevels on all 4 sides of the planks.

XTra Thick 9mm

Extra Thick planks of 9mm


The laminate planks have a matt finish that is just as heard-wearing as the best varnish. The floor looks just as luxuriant as oiled parquet.

Wood Structure Plus

 This system goes even further than WoodStructure® and provides every plank with a relief that displays the wood grain to the smallest detail. The result is a true-to-life reproduction of wood

Best Loc